Washing machines have become an inevitable part of your household appliances and selecting the right one for your family can be intimidating. With so many models on the market, how do you choose? From the best washer to the best stackable washer dryer to the best washer dry combo, we have tips to help you choose the best washing machine that tackles dirty laundry and makes a mundane task a little easier.

To find your perfect washing machine, you'll need to consider a few things – like the space in your home, the right location, the fabrics you care for and how many times you wash your clothes per week, etc.



Whether you go for a freestanding washing machine or one that's built-in behind a cabinet to fit in with your kitchen or laundry room, you need to measure up.

How big or small a washing machine should you get depends on how many people are going to use that washing machine, your laundry needs, and the space you have for it.

If you only live alone or just share it with one more person in a limited space, then having a compact washing machine would be a reasonable choice. Here are some tips for you:

  • Width: 48-60 cm - we recommend a front-loading washer
  • Width: 40-45 cm - consider a top-loading washer


#EASYTIP: If space is limited, a 2-in-1 washer-dryer could be a good choice. Click here to check our Washer dryer range


How do we measure the capacity of a washing machine? Capacity is another important factor to consider when buying a washing machine, which is measured in kilograms. This number indicates the maximum amount of clothes that can be washed in one go.

How many times do you wash your clothes a week?

Less than 4 times a week – a 5-6kg washing machine will do just fine if you don’t regularly wash large items such as jackets and duvets.

Available models: ZWS624B4S, ZWS614B4S, ZWS624A4S, ect. 

4-6 times a week – a 7-7.5kg washer will easily get your clothes clean – even with the odd larger item thrown in.

Available models: ZWS724B5S, ZWS714B5S, ZWS724A5S ect. 

6+ times a week – make it as easy as possible and reduce your number of washes by choosing a large capacity washing machine with an 8-10kg drum.

Available models: ZFV1038, ZFV1238, ZWF8045D2WA, ZWT8075H2WA




What type of clothes or fabric do you often wash?

Mainly cotton – a machine with delicate programmes doesn't need to be a priority.

Delicates – a model with a hand wash programme takes extra special care of your dainty delicates and stylish silks.

Wool – a dedicated wool programme keeps your wool extra fluffy and extra safe and makes your washer a shrink and stretch free zone.


Created to adapt to busy lifestyles, FlexiTime puts you in control of every wash. It allows you to change the length of the wash to the time YOU have available, without compromising on the end result and still saving energy. It will give you an energy efficient wash that is as quick as possible



How do you dry?

The quicker your clothes spin in the wash cycle, the more moisture is spun out and the less drying they’ll need. So for quick drying choose a washer with a fast spin speed. Zanussi offers washing machines with a range of max spin speeds from 800 to 1400RPM.

#EASYTIP: For delicate clothes, lower spin speeds are best.



Our recommended front load and top load washing machines

Choosing the right washing machine can be time-consuming. Zanussi is well-known for our high-quality and durable washing machines which were designed to fit in your budget without compromising the cleaning performance.

To streamline your search for the best washers, check out our wide range of Zanussi Washing machines.

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