30L Speed Heat Unvented Type Electric Water Heater

30L Speed Heat Unvented Type Electric Water Heater

The brand new speed heat electric water heater breaks through the traditional storage type water heater, with uninterrupted replace speed hot technology, which can quickly heat the water, providing long lasting bath experience.

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Australia P & T Relief Valve

Under abnormal situation, when the working pressure s over 1000kpa or the water temperature is over specific level, water will be released to excess pressure through the pressure and temperature relief valve.

Anti Vacuum System Design

Serves as an anti-retrun draught cutout. It prevents water from flowing back into the water supply system under abnormal conditions, such as water shortage period.

Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Inner Tank

The inner tank is made of stainless steel, free frust and corrosion.

Optimum Heat Insulation

It is achieved by high-pressurized thermal foam.

Heating Element

Safe and durable.


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