7KG Top Loading Washing Machine / 1000 RPM

7KG Top Loading Washing Machine / 1000 RPM

  • ZWY71054SE
  • Carboran ® Soft Door Opening
  • Drum Self Positioning
  • Refresh 20 mins
7KG Top Loading Washing Machine / 1000 RPM


With Zanussi's revolutionary soft and silent door opening system, a slight and soft press is all you need to this Carboran® soft drum door. The drum will then open quietly and gently, does not hurt your hand for more security and reliability.


Specially designed lifter collects the water and detergent from the tub and showers it over the wash load. This increases the effectiveness of the cleaning action while using less water.


With the 30'@30° washing program, you can wash lightly soiled clothes in just 30 minutes at 30 degrees. All you have to do is turn the knob and select the program - your wash will be ready in half an hour.

Refresh 20 mins

To refresh the lightly-soiled delicate or synthetic fabric with "Refresh 20 mins"program, fast and fresh!


This feature ensures that the door faces the top when the cycle end of the cycle. Now, you don't have to rotate the drum find the door anymore. Unloading is easier and convenient.


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