7.5KG Front Loading Washing Machine/ 1000 RPM/ Vapour Refresh

7.5KG Front Loading Washing Machine/ 1000 RPM/ Vapour Refresh

  • ZWH71046
  • Inverter Technology
  • Vapour Action
  • Time Adjust
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7.5KG Front Loading Washing Machine/ 1000 RPM/ Vapour Refresh


Our Smart Inverter motor is quiet, durable and backed by a 10-year warranty (motor parts only), for peace of mind. The total efficiency is much higher, the washing time is reduced by about 25%with the same washing performance and saving more energy.


Specially designed lifter collects the water and detergent from the tub and showers it over the wash load. This increases the effectiveness of the cleaning action while using less water.

Vapour Action

To add approximately tumbling in vapour during the wash cycle that can reduces ordours and bacteria, and vapour action can also helps to open fabric fibers up to allow laundry additives to release tough stains.

Vapour Refresh

The innovative 60ºC Refresh program helps revive and freshen garments by vapour without water & detergent. The cycle uses vapour to remove wrinkles and ordours, helps keep your clothes looking and feeling as good as new.

Time Adjust

Time Adjust™ puts you in control of every wash, not be limited by the unitary washing program. With different time setting, lets you adjust the washing program duration based on how dirty your clothes are, and save your time.


To match with different kitchen design, some Zanussi front-load washing machines can be altered to slim cover. Now, each model would be your option of laundry.


Carboran Tub
Child Lock
Time Adjust
Vapour Action
Vapour Refresh
18 mins Mini program
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