7KG Pulsator Washing Machine/ Water Level Selection

7KG Pulsator Washing Machine/ Water Level Selection

  • Changeable Water Levels
  • Air Freshed Drying
  • Quick - Clean Tub

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The model number, underline in green, is printed on the serial plate of your appliance.

Changeable Water Levels

Up to 8 pre-set water levels could be chosen according to your different needs, allow different washing loads & fabrics, & also save your water.A strong washing performance is created by increased detergent density at low water level. On the other hand, high water level enables a complete rinse to your clothes.

Air Freshed Drying

By bringing strong natural air into the tub & rapidly rotates to extract more water out of the laundry load, therefore, the clothes drying time can be shorten.

Quick - Clean Tub

With only one press, the tub would be cleaned by powerful water current & high speed rotation automatically. It removes the dirt in the tub & keeps it perfectly clean.


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