Intelligent Heating Clean Range Hood

Intelligent Heating Clean Range Hood

  • ZHT900X
  • Heating Clean Program
  • Auto Clean Program
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Intelligent Heating Clean Range Hood

Boost Section Power

Offer a superior performance by the high motor speed to produce a high airflow rate up to 960m3/hr, and guarantee the rapid removal of smoke and odor, to ensure your kitchen always fresh and clean.

3 Levels Power Selections

You can control with 3 levels of suction powers, to enjoy more flexibility on different cooking modes, and also save more energy.

Heating Clean

Heating the interior housing to remove stubborn grease and particles and drained into the grease collector. With the advancement of Heating Clean technology, cleanliness and improved hygiene is just a touch away.

Auto Clean Program With Easy Dismantling Design

One touch of button to start the auto cleaning program and clean your rangehood. With the easy dismantle design, now you can take out the base plate, oil collecting tray and vane to clean the hood easily and quickly.

Auto Clean and Water Refill Reminder

The intelligent design will detect and automatic remind user to start the auto clean program. And when the water tank is empty, an alert will be provided to remind user to refill the water.

Delay Off Function

Just simple setting, then the rangehood will keep running to finish as long as 5 minutes to ensure that the smoke and odor can be cleared completely.


Heating Clean
Auto Clean and Water Refill Reminder
Easy Dismantling Design
Large Water Tank Heating Design
Safety Design
Delay Off Function
LED Lighting
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